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Steve Scharosch

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Steve has BS and MS degrees from the University of Idaho, specializing in quantitative
ecosystem modeling/statistics/operations research for natural resource management.

Steve's work experience includes 25 years continuous experience in developing
tools and procedures to support long-range forest land management planning. Steve
spent two years with Boise Cascade's corporate timberland management staff
developing software tools to support long-range forest management planning efforts
for roughly 3.5 million acres of company timberlands in the U.S. Steve then moved
to a regional analyst position with Boise Cascade, using many of those same tools
in the development of long-range forest management plans. In this position, Steve's
responsibilities included gathering of field data for use in land inventory and
long-range planning; installation of computer hardware and software for a forestry
GIS system; system administrator/operator for a Data General mini-computer system;
and computer end-user training for a staff of 15.

Steve left Boise Cascade in 1986 and returned to Casper, WY to establish Abacus
Enterprises Inc: a consulting firm specializing in quantitative natural resource
planning. For the past twenty years Steve has operated Abacus, providing
services for clients throughout North America. Steve has managed several
multi-year projects involving the development and implementation of software
systems to support long-range forest management planning. Many of these projects
have required the ability to facilitate/coordinate project work amongst several
project cooperators, often with competing goals. As part of these projects, Steve
has been responsible for written and oral presentation of project results.

Steve has extensive experience in long-range forest planning. Much of this
planning has utilized USFS planning tools--specifically the Forest Vegetation
Simulator (FVS), and the FORPLAN/Spectrum planning models. Steve has been
involved with both of these programs, on both the programmer and user level,
for over 20 years. Steve has provided technical support/advice on model
structure/functioning; provided custom FORPLAN analyses for timberland
acquisition/management planning; developed linkages between FORPLAN and
MIS/GIS databases, forest simulators, and reporting programs; and developed
means of incorporating wildlife habitat/ecosystem diversity measures into

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