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Twenty years of excellence in forest management planning and analysis


Program Languages
We provide a wide range of services in support of forest management
planning and analysis, including:  
Forest management planning

• Model design and development for long range forest management plannning.

• National Forest planning support.

• Extensive experience with the Forplan and Spectrum planning models.

• Analysis of planning model results.

• Extensive experience in developing solution analysis/reporting tools.

• Financial analysis for land sales acquisition and divestiture.

Forest inventory and analysis

• Database design

• Custom volume calculation routines

• Log merchandizing algorithms

• Inventory processing and statistical analysis

• Inventory projection

Forest growth simulation

• Extensive experience with FVS, SVS, FPS, Organon forest growth simulators.

• Programming for automated preparation of simulator inputs.

• Development of appropriate management prescriptions for simulation.

• Generation of multi-product yield tables for input to harvest scheduling optimizers.

• Extensive experience in custom enhancements to the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) software.

Custom programming

• Design and develop new software applications

• Modify/upgrade existing software applications

• Combine different application components into one application

Training and documentation

• Provide on-site or off-site training/support

• Provide written detailed program documentation

• Provide written project results

Technical analysis

     Our technical analysis skills are complimented by strong interpersonal
     communications skills. Abacus has proven expertise in meeting facilitation,
     project management, end user interaction, and software training. This
     combination of technical skills and communication skills gives us a unique
     ability to provide efficient, high quality services.


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