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Twenty years of excellence in forest management planning and analysis

Company Facilities

Steve Scharosch Publications Facilities
To provide fast, efficient, and complete services, Abacus maintains a large base of
installed computer software, including: 
Forest planning software:

• Customized versions of Forplan and Spectrum software.

• Post-Forplan database creation software.

• Post-Forplan financial analysis software.

• Pre-Forplan data preparation routines.

Forest growth and yield software:

• All North Amercian variants of the FVS (Forest Vegetation Simulator) program.

• SVS: Stand Visualization Software

Statistical Analysis and LP optimization software:

• Minitab statistical package

• C-Whiz LP optimizer

• MIPIII mixed integer optimizer

• Lindo LP optimizer

Programming software:

• Power Basic & Visual Basic

• Digital Fortran & Lahey Fortran compilers

• Visual Foxpro, F90SQL, & Access

Publication/presentation software:

• Word processors

• Graphics illustration software

• Desktop publishing software

Publication Library:

    Abacus maintains an in-house library containing over a thousand publications on
    resource management planning, modeling, and computer software development. In
    addition, we have local access to the Casper College and University of Wyoming

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